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Rabi Christian Grill And Solar Workshop.

We are the professional Metal and Fiber Company of Nepal dedicated to providing professional service along with authentic products to serve our clients requirements.The ongoing increment of the demand for various metal and fiber items which have become the foundation for every company to be established.

Who We Are

Rabi Christian Grill and Solar Workshop is one of the booming Metal and Fiber Company based in Kathmandu, Nepal having experience of more than 25 years. We strive to provide you with effective, high- quality and cost-efficient professional services. Our prime goal is to embark ourselves as an acknowledged company that produces satisfying experiences for every client we serve. We are especially dealing with main three internationally reckoned brands for metals and fibers.

We are offering our honest, trustworthy services at reasonably priced prices that will surpass your anticipations. Give us a try, and ignite your business success to outperform the competition.

What We Serve

As the market value for the metal products has reached peaks, the general public is looking for the products that last longer, of high quality and that which are reasonable in cost.

After the establishment of Rabi Christian Metal and Grill Workshop in 1998, we have devoted ourselves to producing fiber and metal products like desk and benches, playgroup station, slider, climber, dining table, fiber chair, cage, hostel bed, vase stand, table tennis court, fiber bin etc. We build stand standard products without comprising in the quality. We have been serving the general public, small-scale industries, school, colleges, etc which are in need of above-mentioned quality products for the uplifting of theirs business. Our industry is well-known for the manufacturing of customized metal and fiber products as per the need of the customer.